Catia cabral

A hands-on designer and maker, fascinated by process and taking the most of materials. These combined with historical techniques and aesthetics roots brings to her design rich narratives and contextual reference points.

Originally from the north of Portugal, Catia was brought up in a context of industrial design and manufacturing, encouraging her interest in making and conceptual problem solving.
In 2008 she studied Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Fine Art Goods. Catia
developed a close relationship with form, function and technique, that was the foundation of her journey into design and making.

In 2016 Catia joined The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan
University as a student of BA Furniture and Product Design. Since then she has been assigned
projects for 1882Ltd, Perkins + Will, Verco Design, Collaborate and Samuel Chan. Catia has been taking these opportunities to develop skills around bespoke making and seeking innovative materials and techniques.