Diggory rush

As a young designer maker I have always had an interest in craft from an early age,
I went from borrowing my Dad’s Makita drill to make stools and guitar stands to a
small secondary school where I learned basic wood carving. At thirteen I began to
design and make my own instruments and horn-loaded loudspeakers.

At this time I was working above an antiques shop helping to repair fine furniture
and musical instruments. A few years later I developed my skillset further in the
Luthiery business. At fifteen I began working in London’s famous ‘Tin Pan Alley’
under master Luthier Jack Toker. After spending time studying under Jack and
refining my skills I moved back to my home city of Canterbury and started a small
business building and repairing instruments.

While I will always make musical instruments it does not give me the freedom and
variety furniture design allows. I love the creativity and the challenges furniture design presents me with, as well as the diverse range of clients. I feel my back-ground in Luthiery and my deep understanding of materials and process allows me to make beautiful, fine furniture.

My design ethos is a simple one, I like to make bespoke, fine furniture with sim-
plicity, elegance and functionality at the heart of the design.

My work is inspired by master craftsman and designers such as: George Nakashi-
ma, David Linley, John Makepeace, Flaminio Bertoni and Michihiro Matsuda.