Cass 3D Design

Students of The Cass (London Met University) were briefed by SCP to create small, easily-shipped domestic products.

With the help of the university, and their tutor Peter Marigold, the products were brought to market through a successful crowdfunding project entitled Cass Starters. An exhibit of the Cass Starters project will be on display at SCP during the London Design Festival 2017.

In early 2016, SCP assigned Cass students a brief: to design products which are simple, attractive, and small enough to be shipped through regular post. After graduating, four students – Tim Summers, Ray G Brown, Nicholas Marschner, and Isabel Farchy – developed their designs into fully realised products. With the help of Peter Marigold (their tutor), and the London Met Accelerator (The University’s Student Enterprise Programme), they created Cass Starters – a series of individual Kickstarter campaigns, which were launched collectively in October 2016. All the campaigns were successfully funded, and several of the products are now in full production. The Cass Starters have used their creative energy, strong social networks, and valuable critical advice from SCP, to bypass the traditional routes available to design graduates.

They have established an advantageous new pathway – the chance to pursue the progressive business model of crowdfunding, assisted by guidance and promotion from the university. The Cass plans to adopt this model for all future students. A stand showcasing the products of the Cass Starters designers will feature at SCP during the 2017 London Design Festival (16-24th September). Customers will have the opportunity to purchase these products through SCP.