Cass Starters is a new university-backed programme initiated by four graduates: Isabel Farchy, Nicholas Marschner, Ray Gonzalez Brown and Tim Summers, under the direction of 3D design studio leader and renowned designer Peter Marigold.

In June, 2016, these four students from Harvest Studio collectively set about creating a successful Kickstarter campaign to each manufacture a product designed during the academic year. Each one met their target in under four days and went on to develop and manufacture their work.

Peter Marigold said: “Crowdfunding is an open door to young designers right on their doorsteps right now. I’m happy and proud that these four great designers are taking a risk in showing the entire world their work in this way, thus hopefully establishing a platform for future generations of graduates working in collaboration with the university.”

The projects are as follows –

Isabel Farchy, Test Cups

Tim Summer, Wobbly Peyote

Nicholas Marschner, Hooked

Ray Gonzalez Brown, Cardboard Ceramics