Quickstarter: Dog-Eared Shelves

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By Ella Merriman

The inspiration for this piece came from a book with curled dog-eared corners. I loved the form that the corners held and began thinking about how this could be translated in a material that could hold this shape permanently. I chose aluminium because I wanted the shelf to be sufficiently chunky but not overly heavy.

The Dog-Eared shelf can be used in many contexts to hang items on the curled hook whilst holding smaller items on the shelf surface. In a hallway, coats or umbrellas can hang off the hook whilst the shelf holds handbags and rucksacks. Or in a bathroom it could hold a toothbrush and toothpaste whilst a flannel hangs from the hook.

I created many prototypes in different materials before deciding on the shelf’s final form and material. This means that my design has been rigorously tested and fully realised. All the shelf images shown on this page have been hand-made by myself. If I reach my target they will be manufactured by a company in the UK who specialise in small to medium metal batch production and powder coating.

Each shelf will come with stainless steel screws and rawl plugs so that it is easy to put up on any wall. All you will need is a drill and a spirit level.