Cass 3D Design

Amalgam 2017-18

Having wide-ranging abilities in the world means that you can get things done. Rather than just lurk away in a workshop alone, or master 3D modelling with your headphones on, being a successful designer requires resourcefulness and a combination of skills. These represent an amalgam of experiences that you must acquire over time. The times of simple career paths for people specialising in a narrow field all their working lives have gone, to be replaced with the need for constantly evolving and developing portfolios of skills and knowledge that offer opportunities for work and collaboration with people from other disciplinary areas.

This studio encourages all of our students to experience every aspect of design creativity, ranging from hands-on traditional workshop skills, into experimental making techniques, into abstract thought processes, into consideration of how to present your ideas to the world and ultimately how to make your creativity work for you financially. These are all important parts of your skills as a designer and you should embrace them all.

Below are some of the briefs that this studio has undertaken this year. If you would like contact details for any of the students displayed please click the ‘designer’ link in the header.