A brief set by Collaborate and Perkins & Will architects to create a product or piece of furniture which enhances the office environment.

Ella Merriman

Dog – Eared

The inspiration for this piece came from a book with curled dog-eared corners. I loved the form that the corners held and began thinking about how this could be translated in a stronger material that could hold this shape permanently. The Dog – Eared shelf can be used in many contexts to hang items such as coats and bags on the curled hook whilst also holding smaller items on the flat shelf surface. The Dog – Eared hook embraces the same technique of curling metal and has been made in 1.2mm sheet steel. Both can be produced in a range of colours and finishes.

by Catia Cabral

Inspired by the great outdoors of the countryside, Catia Cabral fuses handcraft with a love for earthy, only using ethically sourced and biodegradable materials.
Modern and original, Cabral’s designed a straw bench, that instantly takes you to the untouched countryside without even leaving your living area or working place.

Her work was only focusing on how objects can create a sense of well-being, making lives better. In the search for a piece of calm, Fardo brings nature in.