“It is not simply to show power that a man throws coppers into the sea, In doing this he is also sacrificing to the gods and spirits”

Marcel MaussThe Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies

Moe Redish – Wrapped Porcelain Vessels

Inspired by gift wrapping, my concept is a series of folded vessels imitating the paper that is often discarded when opening a gift.

Folded porcelain vessels 1


Ella Merriman – Increasing the value of everyday objects through tiling

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This project started with me thinking  about giving an object the gift of value rather than giving a gift to a person. I do not like how little we value some objects that we use everyday and so started tiling cheap items to increase their value and enhance their aesthetic appeal.

In a separate vein I began looking at teeth enamel and its similarities to ceramic materials. These are some of my models of interesting root canals which I am developing into ceramic toothbrushes which stand unsupported.



Ceramic mug enhanced with internal strainer and detachable and interchangeable Mahogany wood by David Moosavifard / Damoo Design

It can hold the tea bag/tea leaves to brew separately and prevent them to come into your mouth while you are drinking your hot infusion drink.


Pearl Bowl,

By Catia Cabral

Throughout history, pearls have been the gift of love, due the Greek-Roman mythology, as the goddess of Love, Aphrodite/Venus, born inside of a shell.

Pearls, has been known as “the queen of gems”, as symbolise unblemished perfection, modesty and purity. Renowned for their symbolism of love and a certain representation of status. Most commonly pearls are traditional presents for weddings, and marriage anniversary.

Pearl, was designed faithfully to the organic shape of the mother pearl shell, representing simplicity and an unparalleled beauty of nature’s lustrous pearl arises passion, desire and fascination from all ends of the earth.