A project asking us to explore mould making and casting in unusual materials.


Catia Cabral Ashes| Adhesive/Resin Casting

Moulding was a project in tribute to those who died in the Portuguese Wildfires in the summer of 2017.


Catia Cabral | Ashes Water Jug/Glass

A piece designed in tribute to those who died in the Portuguese Wildfires in the summer of 2017, blown by London Glassblowing.




Moe Redish – The burning mould concept

Inspired by the wooden moulds used in the craft of glassblowing, These glasses show the change in the timber due to the heat of the molten glass.

DSC03195 2

Testing how different timbers react to intense heat for glassblowing moulds.



Ella Merriman Pewter/ Cuttlefish Casting

These experiments were a continuation of my Reflections project. I wanted to cast forms that could be joined and worn on the hands. However, when discovering the versatility of pewter as a material I was able to take these experiments further, forming imprints on coin like pieces. I began thinking about currency and using these discs as references to the place they have originated from.

Leanne Kennerson – Experimenting

I was interested in the contrast of textures between the wool fibres and resin. This test has intensified the wool cuttings and transformed them.



David Moosavifard – Experimenting the hand casting and life moulding using Alginate and pouring stone powder+plaster


David Moosavifard – Experimenting making a 3D logo concept for Damoo Design in pewter. The original prototype was made in plasticine. To achieve the undercuts, hight-temp silicon rubber has been used.