For a selection of students, who are more product orientated, a final project brief was set by SCP. The brief was, simply, to make a product or piece of furniture which can be ordered online and delivered for the cheapest UPS delivery fee. A wide range of results came from this project and were presented to Sheridan Coakley, the founder of SCP in May.

Behind Closed Doors

Ella Merriman

Kvadrat Felt, Bondaweb, 1.2mm Steel

This design for a laundry bag which expands when in use was aimed at renters with small living spaces. Laundry bags, in my opinion, take up unnecessary floor space, and so keeping this bag behind a door allows it to be unobtrusive and practical. The shape embraces a traditional paper bag structure but the front panel is pleated to allow it to expand outwards and gain a greater volume when filled.

The bag hooks onto a simple folded steel hook which slips over the top of the door. When the bag has been removed it can be carried to the nearest washing facilities with the cut out handles.

Shibari Chair

Cecelia Back

Shibari “to tie” is the Japanese art form of bondage. Knots create geometric patterns and shapes to contrast with the human body’s natural curves. The aesthetic arrangement of Shibari emphasizes characteristics of sensuality, vulnerability, and also strength. The chair echoes this- the smooth curves and finish of the metal frame pay homage to the body while the rough knots create beauty around this.

Coffee Table

Thurston Dias

The coffee table prototypes are a result of experimenting with the aesthetic and functional qualities of the materialised in the production of car oil filters. The pleated filter material is made from glass fibres and a non woven which makes it flexible for various applications. Through experimentation the material proves its structural qualities when compressed and this quality has been used to form the body of the coffee table with two circular birch ply disks that sandwich the material in between.

Cable Hooks

Diana Moon

Cable hooks are a variation on the classic s-hook, with proportions perfectly suited to organising cables at home or in the workplace. Most of us have multiple charging cables for various devices, which can easily slide off surfaces when not in use. These hooks can be hooked onto anything nearby and convenient (a task lamp, the front edge of a drawer) and used for slotting cables into. Cable hooks come in a variety of sizes and  widths, with an extruded profile to prevent twisting.