Vine Hanger – Moe Redish

Looking at how tomatoes are hung and how this can be replicated as a product


Garlic Forms – Ella Merriman

Studying the variety of forms and shapes within a garlic. I was interested in how every garlic grows differently and how each clove is a different shape and size. Within one bulb the cloves range from small to large and yet they are packed together to create an almost symmetrical shape. I wanted to use this as inspiration to explore storage and see whether I could create an efficient way of packing together items of varying size.

Finlo Corrin pitching his idea for 1-day brief ‘There is no such thing as a vegetable’



Barnaby Lewis –
Here I was doing some material experimentation whilst trying to evoke the cross-section of a cabbage.
The material is recycled HDPE, I got this by melting down old milk bottles (white) and a bleach bottle (blue) in the oven and then pressing it into a mould. The resulting material is completely machine workable, aesthetically interesting and very strong.


Readymades – there is no such thing as a vegetable

Vegan Thermos – Adam Watts

A little bit tongue in cheek, the shape and skin of the aubergine lent itself to a handsome design for a compostable drinks container




Craig Burton – Chickpea Tote


Curran – carrot fibre material – Tom Trolesen


Crockery set moulded out of onion gloves, by Anton Mikkonen


‘There is no such thing as a vegetable’

95% Vase (prototype) designed and made by Kerry Steptoe



Catia Cabral | Swede Sculpture



Catia Cabral |Eco friendly vegan leathers

Testing potentially a vegetable source of leather, swede peel.


Leanne Kennerson – Bean wrap packaging

A question of why and how we package our produce.


David Moosavifard – Pumpkin Furniture inspired by pumpkin shape and pumpkin stem